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Author Andrew Langley
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Welcome to LPS Creative Media!

LPS Creative Media specialises in producing high quality multimedia for worldwide publication in print and on screen. Based in Yorkshire, most of our work is done in collaboration with mainstream publishers and TV broadcasters such as Sky Television, Thomson Learning, Macmillan Publishing and National Geographic. We also provide in-house publication and distribution of LPS Creative Media branded products to an international market.

Offering a diverse range of multimedia skills, we work from a basic concept/idea and take it from script to screen or final published copy.

Our Skills:

bullet Book Publishing
bullet Professional Photography
bullet Video Scripting & Camerawork
bullet Video Editing
bullet Professional Design
bullet Training & Consultancy

Our Products & Markets:

bullet Books & Magazines
bullet Corporate Video
bullet TV Shows
bullet Commercial DVDs
bullet Multimedia DVD/CDROM
bullet Wide range of Courses

For a sample clip of some of our video production work please see the About Us page.